Forex Trading in INDIA

In the developing Country INDIA, the Online Forex Trading is rapidly growing up and getting famous among all peoples. It’s booming the Forex Market when comparing to other markets in INDIA. Why Forex Trading becoming more popular among  Indians ? Because, Forex Trading is the high volatility market with the daily turn over of 5 to 8 trillion USD.

Nowadays, We can see a lot of peoples with their laptop, tablet, mobiles phone doing a Forex Trading from anywhere. Most of the college students, house wives, retired people, Business man, Online entrepreneur are all doing Forex Trading in India. They feel very comfortable for earning money from their home or office.

On Other Side, the peoples who enter into Forex market at the initial stage (Expert Forex Traders) has now become more richer, good minded, smart decision makers and problem solvers. Because they got more loss as well as more profits in forex trading. They know the true value of time, money and human emotions. Simultaneously there are lot of peoples who lost their life by doing the Forex Trading without learning it completely. Because, they think forex trading is a very profitable business and it’s an excitement way to make more money from anywhere. These Forex losers will never try to learn the forex trade completely.

Forex trading beginners believe that Scalping is the very easiest way to make quick profits in the market. They believe and follow Forex trading signals from others, Copy other forex traders, follow other traders, etc,.. Forex Trading signals are not going to help them to make rich, because they can’t follow the signals properly. Example : If there is stop loss and Take provided from the signal provider, the forex trader won’t believe the risk management of Forex signal provider, they will decide the risk management by themselves without knowing the risk exactly.

There are lot of peoples who are training Forex trading in online and offline. Most of them don’t have a proper knowledge and qualification to teach forex trading to public. They want to earn money from Training, not from trading. why this happens ? because forex traders are mostly losers, if they want to recover their lossed money, they are entering into the Forex training program in India. These Trainers will probably make their students as their referral of the forex broker, then they will earn commissions from the students (referrals) trading. whenever the students do a trade, they will earn a small commission for each trade. The forex trainers in India are mostly the IB’s (Agents) of the Forex brokers, they don’t teach their students in correct way.  they will make their students more greedy and try to make them to invest more in the forex broker.Because whenever their students make some deposit in forex broker and do some trade, these trainers (Broker Agent’s) will earn commision. So, Please beware of peoples who target you only for investing more money in forex trading brokers.

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